Friday, January 16, 2009


Based on what I've been able to see from Xavier and Blackfive, Marine Cpl. Melroy H. Cort really got a bad deal. The cop who arrested him, the D. A. who prosecuted him, and the judge who allowed the case to go to trial all showed terrible judgement.

Cpl. Cort, who was on his way to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for treatment, probably had some sort of military I. D. and orders or some sort of authorization to go to Walter Reed. He also had been told by his commanding officer to store the gun and ammunition at Walter Reed. In addition he also had a Concealed Carry License from Ohio. This should have been sufficient for the arresting officer to give him a warning.

The only thing that is not clear is that, according to The Washington Post, Cpl. Cort said there were twelve rounds of ammunition in his trunk which the police said were in the magazine of the gun. At least that's what I think the Post meant, they called it a "clip". Knowing the history of the D. C. police, I believe Cpl. Cort

Thankfully a jury showed some common sense and acquitted him of the felony charges. On the misdemeanor charge of possession od ammunition, he was sentenced to time served. He plans to appeal that.

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