Friday, December 19, 2008

Nothng New

My wife and I went to Walmart tonight to see if she could pick up a flat screen monitor for her computer. We found one she liked and went to the checkout lines to pay for it. With just one item we went to one of two lines that were supposedly for 20 items or less. There were at least two people ahead of us who had more than 20 items and most had only two or three. As if this weren't annoying enough, there were only about three or four other checkout lines open and I'm talking about a busy Super Walmart on the Friday night before Christmas.

I'm almost ready to start loudly complaining when anyone ahead of me in the "fast" lane obviously has more than 20 items. I don't think any amount of complaining will do any good about more of the other check-outs not being open. I'm just glad we're through with our Christmas shopping except for some possible last minute things that we can get almost anywhere.

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Kathy said...

I hear you. I do get annoyed but I try to tell myself that there is a darn good reason they are in the wrong line and that in 100 years I won't remember how annoyed I was!