Monday, December 29, 2008

Phone Call

A lot of funny things can happen when when working with the public. For twenty years , I worked for what was then called the Veterans' Administration, most of the time in their call center. There we received calls on just about every subject imaginable, some of them having to do with V. A. benefits.

One day a co-worker of mine had a call from an elderly lady whose question regarded whether she was eligible for an increase in the benefit she was receiving.

My co-worker explained to her that the benefit she was receiving was determined by her income from sources other than the V. A. and that unless her income changed her benefit would remain the same.

She asked if there were any exceptions and my co-worker explained that there was an additional amount available for people who were seriously disabled, which meant she would have to be almost confined to her home. She told my co-worker " Well, I have a kidney disease."

My co-worker asked "Are you on a dialysis machine ?"

"No", she replied,"I'm on a regular telephone."

He could barely contain his laughter until he completed the call.

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