Monday, February 09, 2009

Porkzilla Lives

As most of you probably know by now, the cloture motion on the stimulus bill passed the Senate this afternoon 61-36. The usual GOP turncoats voted for it (Collins, Snowe and Specter). One of my senators, Cornyn, who I was already having reservations about,
was not present to vote. I have sent his office an e-mail asking why, but I really don't
expect an answer, much less an acceptable one.

Michelle contacted his office and received the following reply:

“Sen. Cornyn was out of town for a prior commitment, but his position is clear - he opposes the stimulus and will vote against final passage.”

On the final passage his vote will not be critical as it was tonight because it will not require 60 vote to pass. So this answer is BS and unacceptable.

I had posted earlier about having buyer's remorse about him and must say I definitely have it now. He was just re-elected for a six year term, but I have a long memory and will work to defeat him when he runs again.

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