Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Didn't Know That!

Let me start by saying that I'm not the sharpest knife in
the drawer as far as technology is concerned. As I heard
on a radio commercial the other day, I think high tech is a
power drill on the top shelf. Anyway, the other day, I
dropped my cell phone. It was one of the flip/camera
phones, and when I picked it up to check it, the screen
remained dark, so I knew I had a problem. I went to
the phone store, which thankfully is nearby, to
see if they could repair it or somehow make it work

The young lady looked at it, and when she checked
the account, told me, that under some recent change in
Federal law I was not an authorized user, but that my wife
was because she had opened the account. I remembered
having heard of this change somewhere, so I was not
really as disturbed by this bit of news as I would have
been if I had never heard of it. I went home and asked
my sweetie if she to return to the store with me to see if
the phone was insured or if I was eligible for an upgrade.

So we went back to the phone store and sure enough the
phone was not insured and I won't be eligible for a full
upgrade until next May. I thought I was going to have
to buy a new phone. Then the young lady told me that, "
What a lot of people do is.." to go to Walmart and buy a
$15.00 Go Phone and take the sim chip out of my old
phone and put it in the Go Phone, and that it would work
fine. So I did that and I at least have a phone until I can
get the full upgrade deal, (which is significant.) The
only thing I don't have on the Go Phone is the camera
function and that's no big deal. All I can say is
"Aint't technology wonderful?"


MilesPerHour said...

Well I know if that was me I would have been told that the screen was dark cuz hadn't turned it on.

Doc said...

MIles, That was the first thing she checked.