Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thoughts on Mumbai

In another life, I was an intelligence analyst and, with that in mind , I've been thinking about the events in Mumbai and what might happen here. I think it's unlikely that another attempt will be made to hijack aircraft. I also believe all our efforts at airport security have been useless and even counterproductive, but that's a subject for another post, another time.

A terrorist attack by boat or ship as some of the terrorists in Mumbai apparently used probably won't be attempted either. I don't know much about port security in this country, but I believe smuggling the needed men weapons, ammunition, and supplies into this country by boat or ship would be too difficult.

Our southern border, however, is another story. Crossing it with whatever they needed would be relatively easy. In none of our cities are malls, hotels, and business centers secure, or even close to it, and that it is as it should be. Our police departments are not equipped for that kind of attack, nor should they be.

Most of the states along our southern border are friendly to the Second amendment, and an unknown number of their citizens are armed, at least part of the time, and are trained in the use of their weapons. What is almost always overlooked is the fact that many of these citizens are veterans and have received military training. And some of those are combat veterans who possess skills they will never lose or forget.

If these terrorists are as accomplished at planning as some in the media would have us believe (media reports are all I have heard, I have not heard any reliable reports from a military source), they will avoid these states.

That leaves us with California. That is just one more reason why I don't wish to live there or go there.

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